"Train up a child in the way he should go..." Proverbs 22:6


Want to start Home Schooling?

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BCA is a legal home school covering in Alabama. We are a statewide cover and have an office in Magnolia Springs & Fairhope.BCA is a ministry of Magnolia Springs Wesleyan and Eastern Shore Community Church. You can visit or  Currently we have over 100 families enrolled in BCA.

Bridge Christian Academy is a legal home school covering for Christian parents who desire to home school their children for the purpose of providing academic excellence with a Biblical worldview. Our purpose is to offer support, encouragement and accountability for home school families.

We are an affiliate group of HSLDA and our families recieve a discount with them. Group rate is $95.

The state of Alabama recognizes three types of schools:  public, private and church.  The definition of a church school is:

"Includes only such schools as offers grades K-12, or any combination thereof including kindergarten, elementary, or secondary level and are operated as a ministry of a local church, group of churches, denomination, and or/association of churches on a nonprofit basis which do not receive any state or federal funding."  S16-28-1(2)

2014/15 Top  21 Benefits of BCA:

1.  A system of encouragement & support

2.  A means of accountabiliy

3.  Curriculum counseling

4.  Liaison with public school and Board of Education (We provide reports that Board of Education requires.)   

5.  Field Trips

6.  Home School Legal Defense Association Group Member                                                                      

7.  ACT/SAT (College Boards) Infomation & High School Code

8.  The maintenance & processing of Academic Records

9.  Used Book Store

10. Annual Book Sale

11. Orientation Clinic for new famlies

12. Workshops/Training seminars

13. ACT Workshop

14. The provision of official high school transcripts for scholarships and college application

15. Transcripts for students who transfer back into public or private school

16. K5 Graduation and Reception

17. High School Prom

18. Standard, Academic & Advanced Academic Diplomas Awarded

19. Valedictorian/Salutatiorian Awarded/Leadership Awards 

20. Senior Breakfast

21. Graduation and Reception

In addition to more academic challenge, another benefit which I believe is one of the best...your child will have more time to pursue their personal interests which will enable them to identify their passion and gifts. Every child has talents but sometimes in the busyness of life a student does so many things that it's difficult to narrow it down. Home school enables your student to focus and develop their interests whether it is music, sports, theatre, computers, writing, etc. What a tragedy when a high school student lacks time to figure out their greatest strengths and weaknesses.

Upon enrollment we offer consulting on choosing the best home school curriculum for your children. See "Parent Manual" for more info. Grades and attendance will be due 2x year on January 10th and June 10th. Unless you inform the office of a reason for being late with grades/attendance you may be dropped if the office does not receive a hard copy by mail to our office by the end of January and June. If there is a reason that you need more time we will work with you.  

Tuition Fee:

~$99.00 total for upcoming school year - each family that is currently enrolled if received by June 30th ($99 with FREE registration)

~$25.00 enrollment fee plus $104.00 per family if received by July 31st  ($129)

~$25.00 enrollment fee plus $139.00 per family if received August 1st or after  ($164)

Orientation meeting is scheduled the 1st Thursday in September. (free door prizes)

For more info call (251) 979-6227 or email  

Office Address:  PO Box 701, Fairhope, AL 36533 (251.979-6227)


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